The Diabetes Link Clinical Advisory Panel

The Diabetes Link Clinical Advisory Panel (as we’re fondly referring to as ‘CAP’) is composed of healthcare professional volunteers – nurses, physicians, diabetes care and education specialists, researchers and other medical experts who are passionate about improving health outcomes for young adults living with diabetes and supporting the mission of The Diabetes Link. 

Together we seek and leverage opportunities to remove barriers, address unmet needs, and increase access to relevant life-stage specific education and support. The panel is currently organized into three sub-groups with unique objectives:

Speakers and Influencers – This cohort works to advance the reputation of The Link, serving as speakers and key opinion leaders (KOLs) for clinical publications and various strategic opportunities.

Educators and Reviewers – This cohort reflects our partnership with CBDCE and helps to inform and review our content and educational materials for clinical relevance, accuracy and inclusivity. 

Investigators and Researchers – This cohort advises on special projects and research initiatives which impact our core constituency. 

To learn more about CAP, or to get involved, email Krystle Samai, our Vice President of Mission.