This is exactly what you’ve been waiting and hoping for, but that doesn’t mean it’s not scary. Managing the transition to independence can be challenging for young adults and their caregivers alike. We’ve got you both covered.

Dear Parent/Caregiver,

This time can be scary. And overwhelming. And at times - confusing!

Wherever your child with diabetes was in their journey - you were right there with them. Perhaps you noticed some warning signs that led to diagnosis, or you handled all of their injections for years, or you are still helping them calculate carb to insulin ratios.

You definitely made a lot of the decisions as they navigated birthday parties and sleepovers, new friends and teachers. You handled doctors’ appointments and insurance headaches. You have missed SO much sleep.

And now you’re here - somehow needing to let them go off into the world on their own. They might be heading to school, or to a dream job, or to travel, or just taking some time to figure out who they are and who they want to be. This all includes taking ownership of their own diabetes management and health.

We’re here to help them! And you.

We know diabetes from that uniquely young adult “I’m invincible” perspective.

We know that they will likely handle things differently than you might, and that they are bound to make some mistakes and get burnt out time and again.

We also know that they will find strength and courage in a community of their peers. We know they have questions about how having diabetes affects things like drinking or relationships. And that they may not be talking to you about it.

We are here to support them, responsibly, and you can trust us to be a safe space for your young adult.

So while this can feel like a big transition, we hope that you can also see this as an opportunity to breathe. Let us take some of the load off, and help you appreciate the incredible job you’ve done raising your child.

Congrats, and job well done!

~The Diabetes Link

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