TL;DR: Welcome to The Diabetes Link, a community for young adults by young adults.

Welcome to The Diabetes Link, a community for young adults by young adults. Whether you’re headed to college, in the midst of your studies, starting your career, or just trying to figure it all out - we got you, and each other.

Academics, work, and adulting in general is hard enough. Throw a diabetes diagnosis into the mix, and it can feel impossible. But that’s where we come in - we’ve not only walked a mile in your shoes, we’re still wearing them!


Join us in person or online to learn, share, and uplift.

Meet peers and mentors who know what it’s like. Make forever friends. Plan your future. Change the world. While living with diabetes doesn’t define us, it certainly shapes us. And, in our not-so-humble opinion, that shape is 🔥.

The Diabetes Link is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that relies on the generosity of donors. You can help inspire young adults to live confidently and courageously with diabetes by making a gift.

Still not sure?
Check out what some of our members have to say:

“Growing up as a T1D, I often felt alone. …I want others who have never had a diabetic support group to know how impeccable it feels to know you aren’t alone. I want to join together and encourage, challenge, and support each other in our college, diabetes, and life walks.
“I have found that having a community has been such a strong part of success living with diabetes… Particularly in a college setting, where people are in such a transitional stage in life, I think having a network where people can openly share information … helped me a lot in feeling confident in this life transition.”