Dia-sexy Secrets and Stories

A compilation of anonymous stories about sex & diabetes submitted to us by YAs with diabetes.

June 30, 2023

So…sex can definitely be a different experience when you’re living with diabetes. We asked young adults with diabetes to anonymously submit their stories for us to share with the diabetes community. The goal is to shed some light on what they’re experiencing ~in the bedroom~ (or not in the bedroom👀), normalize it, and empower young adults with diabetes to own their experiences and feel more comfortable talking about them! The Link is proud and honored to share some of these stories here:

– This was after a few months of dating the same guy, so he knew about my diabetes, but I hadn’t had any major lows with him yet. One time we were having sex and I felt my BG tanking. Like TANKING. I knew that I needed juice ASAP. So we’re in my bed, but near the bottom of the bed, our feet up near my nightstand where all my low supplies are. Well, I asked him to pass me a Capri Sun, and then a second Capri Sun. And I lay there naked double fisting capri suns with my head hanging over the foot of my bed. SMH. LOL.

– I felt embarrassed at first because I needed to use lube to feel comfortable…but my bf was super understanding and it made sex better for both of us!

– Sometimes I don’t feel sexy with my devices and scars and bruises. I’m still actively working on accepting my body and my diabetes.

I take my pump off for sex, ended up leaving it at my boyfriend’s house once in high school and had to lie to my parents and say I needed to pick up my Shakespeare book lmao

– I had told my recent partner about being more careful due to the fact I had my dexcom monitor on my stomach. He was very kind, understanding and gentle and continued to ask me if I was comfortable. After everything was done, and we slept . Everything went good! No lows or highs actually! However, after we fell asleep in the middle of the night my monitor kept going off. I felt so embarrassed because it woke us both up. I remember saying sorry but he comforted me saying to don’t worry about it and to take care of myself. As someone who was body conscious, anxious since it was my first time and as a diabetic- it was reassuring to know my first time was with someone who was understanding of both losing my virginity and me being cautious of my diabetes management. No regrets and I got to learn more about my body and sexuality 🙂

– I’m starting to feel confident in my body and sexy with an insulin pump. I see myself as worthy of exploration, of having fun. My confidence isn’t so easily shaken anymore. And taking off my clothes no longer seems so daunting. I never knew that having diabetes would help teach me so much about myself, my worth, and what it means to feel good in my own skin!!

I am really nervous about hooking up with someone because I’m worried they’ll judge me for my diabetes. Even if that’s more of a reflection on their character than mine.

I usually leave my pump on and have it lay beside me, it moves it on his own if it gets in the way.

– A low during sex with a newish partner. I was really low, really fast and had trouble communicating what I needed. He sped to the convenience store down the street and was back within minutes with juice, cookies, chips, skittles, etc. all I needed was my bag and my juice box in there. This same man now keeps snacks by his bed for me 🙂

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