T1D & Sophomore Year of High School

July 7, 2017
Kendall and Curtis Nether

We followed Kendall Nether, and his father Curtis, each year as Kendall moved through high school and prepared to head off to college.

Sophomore year of high school -T1D student questions

How was sophomore year different than freshman year? This year was easier to manage and less stressful. Learning to juggle honors classes and varsity basketball was a challenge but I am learning the importance of independence and planning for college, so I have to figure it out. What was harder and what was easier? I still have honors classes, but they were much easier to handle now that high school isn’t so new. I don’t have to feel like an outsider or that I have to keep my T1D hidden. Everyone knows, but I try not to make it a thing for anyone to be concerned about. Some days are harder than others to manage it all.

Have you started practicing for the SAT or ACT? How are you feeling about managing T1D while taking a big test? Yes. I took AP exams with special accommodations for testing, food and water allowances, so the ACT and SAT should be okay. The studying is the tough part!

How is basketball going? Great, I made the Varsity roaster mid-season and was honored to be given the number that my coach’s son wore last year. I was also chosen as MVP for JV and Scholar Athlete of the Year. Have you had any challenges balancing sports with school? It is always tough balancing ball, grades and social, but anything worth having usually is! T1D is a great teacher for balancing and managing life. I have to pay attention to my body and understand my limits and when down time is necessary.

What are your plans for this summer? Several NCAA/AAU tournaments, family vacations as well as a couple of college visits with coaches. I also have a couple of Youth Ambassador speaking events with JDRF

Do you have a part-time job during the school year? No, my parents said school and basketball are my jobs now and I should focus on grades and preparing for college.

Have you started looking at colleges or considering how far away you will go? Yes, we are looking at both options of away and UNLV. However, I really want to go away as long as it is in driving distance from home.

What are you most looking forward to about college now? I’m excited about being away from home and more independence. What are you most nervous about now? Getting into the school of my choice as well as making new friends, fitting in and managing T1D on my own. Has it changed? No, but I’m sure it will all be fine, things always work out.

Sophomore year of high school – parent questions

What has been the biggest struggle of sophomore year? Juggling the very demanding schedule for school, grades, basketball and sleep are still the toughest things for all of us.

Has your son taken on more of his T1D care this year? Yes, he is pretty independent in school and basketball practice, we still do the end of the day review and overnight checks along with supply ordering.

Has your family discussed college more? Have you started the search process? Yes, we are well underway, with so many letters and inquiries arriving daily, we have to start narrowing down and visiting more.

Have you considered accommodations for the SAT/ACT? Have you started that process? Yes, due to AP exams we have included special accommodations in his 504 as well as completed the special accommodations applications for testing.

What aspect of diabetes causes you and your son to butt heads this year? Has it changed? Not sure if it is all diabetes related, pretty sure most of the butting heads is puberty and teenage boy. I think Kendall accepts that diabetes is on board and must be managed in order to have great productivity in school and on the court, and of course to stay alive! Our major diabetes fight right now is the 1 month break from his CGM that has turned into 6 months! We are not happy about that at all. Also, very surprised that he didn’t rush out to get his learners permit at 15 1/2! After discussing all of the do’s and don’ts of driving, it is better not to push and let him go when he is ready.

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