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We’re giving young adults with diabetes the future they deserve.

Why Give?

Here at The Diabetes Link, we believe all young adults deserve the chance to become thriving adults.

The transition period between being a teen and becoming an adult is always a bit precarious. Most of us can recall the anticipation, excitement, and nerves of moving out on our own, attending college, or starting a new job. It can also be fraught with anxiety, struggle, and isolation. Diabetes adds a whole extra layer of complexity.

The Diabetes Link aims to smooth this transition through connection, education, and support. Because you know what they say, it takes a village to raise a child. And we are that village. Consider us a neighbor, friend, and even the occasional eccentric aunt.

We need your help to continue offering essential resource to young adults with diabetes and their families. Your gift ensures that our community stays strong, and that these exceptional youth mature into the incredible young adults they are destined to be!

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"Thank you, The Link, for your gracious support of young people with T1D as they leave the full-time support of home. There's nothing better than seeing your grown child become fully independent while navigating the world of diabetes!"

–Laurie Hall, TDL Parent

"I have found that having a community has been such a strong part of success living with diabetes... particularly in a college setting where people are in such a transitional stage in life, The Link's resources have helped me a lot in feeling confident in this life transition, and I'd like to share that with other diabetics."

–anonymous student