TL;DR: Young adults should be included in key conversations around diabetes. Our NextGen fellowship is your chance to be heard.

Applications for the 2022 Fellowship are now closed.

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NextGen Fellowship

In 2022, we accepted 30 Fellows to participate in this life-changing opportunity for those curious in what it might be like to work in the diabetes sector. The Fellowship runs from April-November with a rigorous schedule of leadership and professional development opportunities as well as peer connections, mentorship, and growth.

It’s no secret that diabetes has a profound impact on our lives. The Diabetes Link recognizes the passion and motivation of young adults across the country to positively influence the future of diabetes care and treatment. We’ve designed this program to be educational but also inspirational, and full of peer support and professional skill building to set you up for long-term success.

Apply to be a part of this cohort if you are tech savvy, dream of going into medicine to be an endocrinologist, or are jazzed about research. This cohort will feature leadership development and professional opportunities geared towards the individual interested in a career pathway in clinical medicine, research, technology, entrepreneurship, and business.

Apply to this cohort if your “dream job” includes patient advocacy or being a diabetes care and education specialist, and if you are on track to pursue a degree in nursing, psychology, nutrition/dietetics, social work, public health, and more. This curriculum will feature leadership workshops designed to continue to empower the individual looking to educate and advocate for people with diabetes.

Fellowship Components